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Leonard Group Financial Unique Process

The Safe Haven Solution™

A customized process created by the professionals at Leonard Group Financial Inc, The Safe Haven Solution™ is a comprehensive personal and financial security planning navigator. It is available to individuals and business owners who want to establish and implement a full financial strategy, personally designed to help you transform your financial destiny.

Due to the time dedicated to planning, and the amount of due diligence required in preparing a personally tailored Safe Haven Solution™, there is a nominal fee associated with this process.

Leonard Group Financial Unique Process

The Journey Launcher™

The initial discussion to determine if ‘The Safe Haven Solution™’ is what you need.

The Exploration™

An in-depth exploration to identify the opportunities and risks apparent in your financial and personal worlds.

The Chart-Your-Course Discovery™

The presentation of your customized solution through wealth accumulation, wealth distribution/legacy, and risk management.

All Systems Go!™

The strategic implementation of your customized solution.

The Strategic Navigator™

Systematic reviews of your financial and personal progress, to help ensure alignment with your evolving objectives.

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